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The whitest
white available

Cemix ProWhite, our pure white cement. It offers a variety of applications, short drying time, outstanding quality, unique technical properties.

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maximum innovation

Whether exposed concrete, prefabricated parts, slabs or sculptures, Cemix ProWhite always shows its best side and makes extraordinary solutions possible. The incredible variety of colors, shapes and surfaces opens up completely new design possibilities.

  • For dry-mix mortars
  • For precast concrete elements
  • For paving and masonry products
  • For ready-mix-concrete


For dry-mix mortars.

Cemix ProWhite is incredibly versatile and represents the ideal binder for tile adhesives, plasters, repair mortars, grout and many other products. Its constant processing properties, high quality and binding strength are impressive. Quality stability, chemical composition and fine grinding of cement provide a harmonious look. Because Cemix ProWhite mixes with various color pigments, you can select from the complete color spectrum.


For precast concrete elements.

Wall elements, glass fiber reinforced concrete or decorative facade elements. Cemix ProWhite precast concrete products impress with their appearance and durability. The combination of brilliant colors and optimum technical properties enables the highest standard in new architectural design ideas. Stability of quality, quick setting time and increased resistance to external factors shorten production time, increase productivity and durability of products.


For paving and masonry products.

Paving stones, slabs, columns or sculptures: Shape, color and surface structure can be changed with Cemix ProWhite, enabling thousands of applications. The high initial stability ensures short cycle times and guarantees efficient work. The low absorption rate of the surface makes it more resistant to weathering.


For ready-mix concrete.

Cemix ProWhite is ideally suited for the production of ready-mixed concrete: the plasticity and self-compactability of concrete based on cement Cemix ProWhite allows you to transport freshly made concrete mixture over long distances with consistently high quality. Properly processed, it can optimally fulfill all requirements for technical properties, durability and appearance.




Our personal customer services team is always there for you and is available to answer your individual technical questions. If necessary, they can also go directly to your site, or any of your locations.


Because we get our raw materials (limestone, kaolin and quartz sand) from our own mining and the latest drying technology, we deliver the best quality with the best price/performance ratio.


You order, we deliver. Our logistical advantages mean we always deliver the quantity you need for your business/project. Fast, reliable and on time. Whether it’s in over 1 ton big bag, 25+ kg sack or bulk in the silo truck. Cemix ProWhite is always there for you.


We deliver consistent quality you can count on. We supply products of consistent quality that you can be sure of. High-quality own raw materials base (limestone, kaolin and quartz sand) guarantee high and stable quality parameters in accordance with the requirements of GOST 31108-2016, 965-89 and 30515-2013, as well as the European standard DIN EN 197-1-2011, including stable particle size distribution (depending on Blaine grade 3200-5500) and a brightness level of at least 90% (L *) in accordance with DIN EN ISO 11664-4: 2012-06.



Cemix is an internationally growing building materials brand that provides system solutions for all application areas. Our vision: Quality and service at the highest level for maximum customer satisfaction.

To achieve this, we work day after day on improving the performance, reliability and environmental sustainability of our products.

Cemix ProWhite products will reduce the dependence of domestic manufacturers of building and finishing materials on foreign suppliers, currency and foreign trade factors and ensure the availability and timely supply of high-quality domestic white cement for the stable development of our partners’ business.

Cemix ProWhite is the best proof of this. Expect the max!

Image: Our new plant in Bashkortostan (Russia) produces more than 350,000 tonnes of Cemix ProWhite per year – CEM II 42.5 N and CEM I 52.5 N.


With 75 productions sites in 9 countries in Central & Eastern Europe, Russia, China and Taiwan, the Lasselsberger Group is one of the leading companies in the field of raw materials, building materials and ceramics. What this means for you: You benefit from the combined expertise and experience of a market leader in many areas, decades of production traditions and long-term secured raw material reserves.

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