Confidentiality policy

*The full version of the document can be found here

You as a user of this web page entrust us with your personal data. It is important for us to justify this trust and we assure you about the legitimacy of personal data processing, as well as to ensure an adequate level of security of processed personal data.

Therefore, the Policy on the processing of personal data in «LASSELBERGER» has been developed. The full version of the document can be found here. It indicates the rights you have, what information we collect, how we use it, and what features and controls you may have.


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You hold the keys to the kingdom

You can get information on what your data are processed by the company, update and correct it, and revoke your consent to processing of your personal data and delete them.

You can make a written request by selecting the relevant form and send it at the address: LASSELSBERGER, 450520 Russia, Republic of Bashkortostan, Ufimskii Rayon, Zubovo, Elektrozavodskaia St., 8