Cemix ProWhite White Cement


* You can buy white cement at retail in smaller quantities from our partners and DIY stores.

Characteristics of white cement


Normalized values

Actual values


min 80%


Fineness of cement (sieve residue No. 008)

max 12%


Blaine specific surface area

min 2500 cm2/g

4600 cm2/g

Setting time: beginning

not less than 45 min

80 min

Setting time: end

no more than 600 min

160 min

Uniformity of volume change



Normal density of cement paste

not defined/rated


Signs of a false setting



Flexural strength at the age of 28 days

not defined/rated

7,6 MPa

Compressive strength at the age of 28 days

min 49 MPa

62 MPa

Compressive strength after steaming (activity)

min 32 MPa

40,0 MPa

Features of our product


Strength and whiteness are important indicators of the quality of produced white cement. The high whiteness index allows coloring the cement in any color using various pigments, which allows you to use the product for the construction of truly impressive buildings and structures. In 2021, the company received a certificate of conformity for white Portland cement PCB (ПЦБ) 1-500-D0 (certified in accordance with GOST 965-89), and also passed the ISO 9001:2015 quality management certification.

OOO Cemix packs white cement in strong polyethylene bags. This allows maintaining the quality of the finished product for a longer period, in comparison with paper bags, protecting the product from damage and getting wet. We guarantee the purity and high quality of white cement. For delivery to our terminals, we use our own cars and railway cement trucks, designed to transport only white cement.

Interactive Map
Сертификат соответствия Портландцемент Белый ПЦБ
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